Odds Boost +40%

By Phil
20 Feb 2023
Phil 20 Feb 2023
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Odds Boost +40%

Make on Mostbet your next bet a combination one with at least three separate bets and increase your chances of winning big in…



Mostbet Odds Boost +40% Promotion

Play combination get bonus

Boost your winnings with our combination bet, featuring a minimum of 3 bets. We’ll increase the payout by up to 40%!

Super combi bonus

GroupsBets quantityBonus %
Combination with3 bets+5%
Combination with4 bets+10%
Combination with5 bets+15%
Combination with6 bets+20%
Combination with7 bets+25%
Combination with8 bets+30%
Combination with9 bets+35%
Combination with10 bets+40%

  • Play combination get bonus
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