Casino Loyalty Program

By Phil
20 Feb 2023
Phil 20 Feb 2023
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Casino Loyalty Program

Score big with Mostbet Coins, and redeem them for cash!

Mostbet Casino Loyalty Program

Mostbet Casino has its own currency known as coins. You can obtain coins Mostbet for every deposit, and also by doing certain actions (completing your profile, verifying an email etc.). Exchange these collected coins for bonuses with a favourable exchange rate based on your level in the Loyalty Program! The more you collect, the higher up you’ll go in levels – and enjoy even better rates during exchanges.

  • To fund your account
  • To reach a new level of success
  • First cash game at a casino
  • Confirm your subscription now!
  • Complete your profile now to begin experiencing the endless possibilities!
  • Everyday errands and duties

Rewarding milestones with coins!

Are you a beginner at this game? You can start with 5 coins! If your level is roller, try out 20 coins. Lucky players should bet 40 coins to see their luck in action. Have some experience playing such games? Up the ante and wager 50 coins as an experienced player. Those who are masters of the trade would do well by betting 60 or 70 for expert and professional levels respectively. High rollers have 90 coin wagers while VIPs have access to exclusive bets up to 80 coins!

Everyday chores

  • Take a spin at the casino and test your luck in any slot machine! With 10 chances to win, you could be taking home some serious cash. So why wait? Place your bet now and take that chance of winning big!
  • Let the thrill of real-time action take you on an exhilarating journey when you place a bet in our live-casino game. With adrenaline pumping through your veins, let 10 become the winning number that changes your life.
  • Through playing 5 distinct slots spread out throughout the day, you could have an exciting chance to win 20!

Make secure deposits with Mostbet-coins and start betting today!

Mostbet-coins for every500 INR/500 RUB/10 EUR depositINRRUBEUR
63 0013 00145
75 0015 00175
910 00110 001150
1015 00115 001225
1225 00025 000375

Exchange rate of mostbet-coins for actual money

TitleRating to reach new levelConvert into INRConvert into RUBConvert into EURWager
Without title0
Roller1 0009:19:1540:160
Lucky2 0008:18:1480:160
Experienced3 5007:17:1420:160
Master5 0006:16:1360:160
Expert10 0005:15:1300:150
Professional15 0004:14:1240:150
High roller20 0003:13:1180:150
VIP25 0002:12:1120:140

  • Rewarding milestones with coins!
  • Everyday chores
  • Make secure deposits with Mostbet-coins and start betting today!
  • Exchange rate of mostbet-coins for actual money
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