Cashback at the Casino

By Phil
20 Feb 2023
Phil 20 Feb 2023
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Cashback at the Casino

We are reimbursing up to 10% of the losses incurred.

Are you looking for a way to get rewarded when shopping online? If so, cashback is the ideal solution! Cashback in Mostbet offers customers money back on purchases from select vendors or stores. It’s an easy and convenient way to save some extra money while doing your everyday shopping.



Mostbet Cashback

Although fortune and luck can be tricky, at Mostbet we make sure that our players are always having a good time. If you lost more than anticipated this week, no worries! We’ve got your back with our cashback offer – so take advantage of it and give Lady Luck another go!

When you experience losses while playing Casino, Live-Casino, Live-Games and Virtual Sports games at our website, we will deposit cashback directly into your account!

How can I obtain it?

Enjoy all your favorite games on our website and if you don’t quite luck out, get rewarded with a cashback bonus at the start of next week! It’s as simple as that.

Earn substantial cashback rewards on your purchases when you shop with Cashback-Levels! Receive 5% back up to ₹1,000 (1000 INR), 50 EUR or 1,000 RUB; 7% for amounts between ₹5,000 and below ₹30,000 (5000 INR/ 250 EUR/ 5000 RUB); and 10%, from orders of above 30K in any currency – be it Indian Rupees (INR 25k+), Euros (1000EUR+) or Russian Rubles(25K+). Start shopping now to reap the benefits!

Ready to maximize your savings? Here’s how you can start using cashback bonuses today!

With a real account, you have the option to wager and then transfer your winnings into your main account. Alternatively, take advantage of bonus accounts to place bets in games – if luck is on your side, you may find yourself multiplying those wins up to ten times over! Congratulations for turning the odds in favor; that prize is yours.

Rules for promotions

  1. Receive a refund of part of your losses every Monday at 03:00 UTC+3! To acquire the cashback on your account, hit the button labeled “My status” within 72 hours following the calculation – otherwise it will expire.
  2. This promotion requires all wagers and spins from 00:00 UTC+3 Monday to 23:59 UTC+3 Sunday in order for calculations to be made. Only real balance bets and spins on Casino, Live Casino, Virtual sports and Live games (TV games) are counted towards the promotion.
  3. All Mostbet.com players can be eligible for cashback if they place bets in the Casino products that exceed 10,000 AMD/20 AUD/30 AZN/1500 BDT/20 BND/100 BRL and so on until 500,000 VND or an equivalent amount of their account currency from Mondays 00:00:00 UTC +3 to Sunday 23:59:59 UTC +3. Players must also meet other conditions set by this promotion in order to qualify for the cashback offer.
  4. The percentage of payback is determined by the sum of the client’s losses on casino bets and spins over the course of the weekly promotion and is computed as follows: for losses less than 10,000 AMD, 20,000 AUD, 30, 000 AZN, 15,000 BDT, 20, 100 BRL, 50 BYN, 50 CAD, 15,000 CLP, 600 CZK, 300 EGP, 50 EUR, 5,000 HUF, 1,000 INR, 7,500 KZT, 5,000 LKR, 150 MAD, 300 MXN, 350 NOK, 15,000 NPR, 50 PEN, 25, 000 TZS, 250 UAH, 50 USD, 100,000 UZ 5000 HUF/1000 INR/7500 KZT/5000 LKR/150 MAD/300 MXN/350 NOK/1500 NPR/50 PEN/2500 PKR/100 PLN/1000 RUB/500 THB/150 TJS/100 TRY/25 000 TZS/250 UAH/50 USD/100 000 UZS/500 000 VND – 5%, 10 000 AMD/20 AUD/30 AZN/1500 BDT/20 BND/ 50 000 AMD/150 AUD/150 AZN/7500 BDT/100 BND/350 BRL/250 BYN/300 CAD/750 CLP/2000 CZK/1500 EGP/250 EUR/25 000 HUF/5000 INR/35 000 KZT/25 000 LKR/800 MAD/1500 MXN/1000 NOK/7500 NPR/250 PEN/15000 PKR/250 PLN/5000 RUB/2500 THB/1000 TJS The highest one-time reward amount is 750 000 AMD, 2 500 AUD, 2 500 AZN, 100 000 BDT, 2000 BND, 5000 BRL, 5000 BYN, 600 CAD, 100 000 CLP, 35 000 CZK, 37 500 EGP, 500 EUR, 250 000 HUF, 100 000 INR, 500 000 KZT, 500 000 LKR, 15 000 MAD, 30 000 MXN, 10 000 NOK, 150 000 NPR, 5000
  5. If a player achieved success during the promotional time (accumulating weekly profits), cashback will not be rewarded.
  6. You’ll be awarded cashback on your Bonus balance, requiring a 3x wager. The money can be wagered within 72 hours and the maximum you can withdraw to your real balance is 10x greater than the original amount of cashback. Note that only funds from your Real Balance may be used for wagering purposes with regard to this offer.
  7. The player has the power to reject the bonus at any time by navigating to My Bonuses section and clicking on “Refuse Bonus” button.
  8. When a player has funds in both their Real and Bonus balance, theReal Balance is used for bets until it reaches zero. If there are no more funds on the RealBalance, then bets will be made from the Bonus Balance. To view which games canbe played with your bonus balance please refer to Terms & Conditions under”Promotions and Bonuses”.
  9. When withdrawing funds, the bonus balance is reset to zero at the time of creating a withdrawal request. Unfortunately, if for any reason payment does not go through as planned, then only your real balance will be restored but not bonuses. Therefore it is essential that you withdraw solely from your Real balance in order to maintain your Bonuses and maximize potential earnings.
  10. At Mostbet.com, we reserve the right to deny bonuses and/or other rewards from players suspected of attempting to abuse our bonus policy or misusing any information provided in the Agreement. Furthermore, if necessary, we may also opt to modify a player’s account status temporarily or permanently by blocking their access to our services without prior notice.Besides the initial deposit, Mostbet.com is not obligated to return any of the funds that were present on this player’s account.

  • How can I obtain it?
  • Rules for promotions
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