We Secure Express Bets With Free Bets!

By Phil
20 Feb 2023
Phil 20 Feb 2023
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We Secure Express Bets With Free Bets!

Take advantage of a freebet when one or more events in the accumulators fail to meet expectations!

Participate in seven events with a coefficient of 1.7 or above and collect your accumulator! If any event fails to deliver, we will reimburse you the full amount via a freebet – so there’s no risk involved!


Mostbet We Secure Express Bets With Free Bets Program

Terms and Conditions of the Promotion

    1. The promotion will begin on June 17, 2019.
  2. Promotional Participants
    1. Participants in this campaign must have an account on the website mostbet.com.
    1. Participants may take part in this Promotion using any currency.
    2. Both before and during the course of any event with a coefficient of 1.7 or higher that is listed in the line on the site, participants must place “Accumulator” bets with at least seven events in order to be eligible for the promotion (live bets).
    3. Each Participant may place an unlimited number of wagers as long as they comply with the Promotion’s requirements.
    4. If the participant wins all but one of the events in the voucher, they are given a free bet in the same amount.
    5. The bet does not take part in the offer and no free bet is awarded if any of the events in the voucher are canceled or returned.
    6. The promoter sets the terms of the free bet.
    7. The maximum free bet offered as part of the promotion is 800 EUR, 800 USD, 30 000 INR, 24 000 UAH, 60 000 RUB, 3 000 000 UZS, 200 AZN, 4800 BRL, 300 000 AMD, 800 AUD, 40 000 BDT, 2000 BYN, 800 CAD, 600 000 CLP, 20 000 CZK, 300 000 HUF, 300 000 KZT, 10 000 MXN, 10 000 NOK, 40 000 NPR. 
    1. The Promoter will have the ultimate say in any disputes involving the ability to take part in the contest, winning prizes, or these terms and conditions.
    2. This decision shall be final and neither the Participant nor any other party may dispute it.
    3. Any decisions made by the Promoter on any issues relating to the administration of the promotion and its outcomes are final and binding on all Participants in the promotion.
    4. The Promoter reserves the right to revoke the Participant’s right to the free bet if it turns out that they were a victim of fraud or money laundering.
    5. Each infraction results in the cancellation of participation and the adoption of additional measures intended to deter similar behavior.
    6. The terms and conditions of this promotion may be changed or added to at any moment, including while it is still running.

  • Terms and Conditions of the Promotion
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