Bet Insurance

By Phil
20 Feb 2023
Phil 20 Feb 2023
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Bet Insurance

Sing up on Mostbet Casino and secure victory with insurance at any point of the match!



Mostbet Bet Insurance Promotion

Ensure victory by securing your bet with insurance!

  • Are you seeking assurance that your bet will be triumphant?
  • For unbeatable assurance of success, insure your game at any point!
  • Insurance ensures that your financial investments are safeguarded in the event of a match outcome – no matter what it may be.

How does it function?

  1. No matter if you’re looking to place a single bet or an accumulator, insurance is available when betting with us.
  2. Select bet insurance for a hassle-free experience – the cost will be automatically calculated in the bet slip.
  3. If your bet is successful – all of the resulting winnings are yours to keep!
  4. If your bet happens to not go your way, we will refund the guaranteed amount straight away into your account.

Revel in the game and emerge as victorious!

Terms and Conditions

  2. The promotion will generally begin on September 10, 2020.
  3. Members of the promotion
  4. Participants in this campaign must have an account on the website mostbet.com.
  6. A paid service known as “bet insurance” guarantees to completely eliminate the danger of losing a wager.
  7. If the client wins, they will collect all potential rewards, and if they lose, they will receive their wager’s amount back.
  8. Insurance premiums are determined by the current coefficient for the occurrence for which they are issued.
  9. An illustration.
  10. With a coefficient of 1.8, the wager is worth $100.
  11. The player has covered the entire wager with insurance.
  12. The company gives a 47 USD insurance sum.
  13. In the event of a deal, 47 USD will be taken out of the account.
  14. 180 USD will be paid to the bettor if the wager is successful.
  15. Because the wager was insured for $100, if it loses, the corporation must pay $100. (the entire bet amount).
  16. The insurance sum will be credited to the account if the wager is determined to be a return (with coefficient “1”).
  17. Several insurances may be issued for the same wager.
  18. For instance, a bettor can insure 10% of the wager, 30% of the bet, and then another 50% of the bet.
  19. The price of insurance could also fluctuate concurrently depending on the current shift in the coefficients.
  20. The total cost of all insurances purchased cannot exceed 100% of the wager.
  21. If the service is offered in the bet slip, insurance can be granted in the individual account in the betting history at any point during the game.
  22. The portion of the wager that was insured is returned to the bet participants if the insured bet slip enters the “Loss” condition.
  23. For single and accumulator wagers placed using the client’s funds, insurance can be granted.
  24. The coefficients for all events on the bet slip are included in the price of the service if an accumulator insurance is issued.
  25. The gambler has the option to agree to the suggested terms or decline to have the bet slip insured at the given cost.
  26. A policy that has already been issued cannot be refused.
  27. A bet slip with a calculated event cannot have insurance applied to it.
  28. It is not possible to insure wagers placed with bonus money, free bets, or promotional codes.
  29. An insured bet cannot be cashed out using the “Cash Out” feature.
  31. The promoter retains the right to stop offering the service whenever they choose and in connection with any events without providing a justification.
  32. If there were any technical issues during any part of the service, the bet insurance operation can be suspended.
  33. In each of these scenarios, bets are determined depending on the outcomes of the game in the general sequence.
  34. The wagers for which insurance may be purchased are chosen by the promoter on their own.
  35. If a technical issue causes the service to be unavailable, the promoter is not liable.
  36. The Promoter shall have the sole discretion to determine the outcome of any disputes relating to the right to participate.
  37. A Participant or any other party may not challenge such a decision; it is final.
  38. The Promoter reserves the right to revoke the Participant’s claim to the Prize in the event that it becomes out that they were a victim of fraud or money laundering.
  39. Each infraction results in the cancellation of participation and the adoption of additional measures intended to deter similar behavior.
  40. The terms and conditions of this promotion may be changed or added to at any moment, including while it is still running.

  • Ensure victory by securing your bet with insurance!
  • How does it function?
  • Terms and Conditions
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