Bet Buyback

By Phil
20 Feb 2023
Phil 20 Feb 2023
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Bet Buyback

Still fretting over the result of your wager? Don’t worry, bet buyback has you covered!

Unsure of the current accumulator event or its overall result?

Are you in need of funds, but can’t wait until the outcome is determined?

Has your betting coefficient undergone a drastic transformation?

Take advantage of the Bet Buyback and get your money back immediately!



Mostbet promotion Bet Buyback

This is how it works:

  1. Make sure to review both your “My Bets” and “Bets History” pages for an overview of all your bets.
  2. Take advantage of Bet Buyback – the perfect way to make money and save on future purchases. Whether you need cash now or want to stock up for later, our buyback program helps maximize your savings! With timely payouts that are secure and easy-to-use, there’s no better way to turn unused items into extra funds.
  3. Accumulate funds.

Take advantage of our special “bet buyback” symbol for any single and accumulator bets you make, in both Live and Prematch modes. 

Check the amount of your buyback next to whatever bet you’ve made in either “bets history” or “my bets”. 

After submitting a request for ‘bet buyback’, the corresponding funds will be instantly credited into your account balance – so don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Please take a moment to review the comprehensive terms and conditions of our services.

This Promotion will Run For How Long?

  1. Starting from March 1st, 2020, this promotion will be available for a limited period.


  1. To take part in this promotion, you must have an account on www.mostbet.com.

The following outlines the instructions for participating in this promotion.

  1. With the “Bet Buyback” feature, bettors have the ability to adjust bets they’ve already placed! This function allows players to fix their results before an event outcome is determined with a special coefficient and set time frame. The goal of Bet Buyback is to give participants greater control over their wagers.
  2. The opportunity to “buy back the bet” is available for single bets from the line on our website prior to and during events (live-bets). The organizer reserves the right not to extend an offer of buyback on particular matches or outcomes. This offer is a privilege, not an obligation, bestowed upon betting game organizers.
  3. When a participant makes a bet in a betting game, you have the option to “buy back” that wager until the offer is valid. However, there may be times when technical failures or difficulties prevent this from being available (e.g., broadcasting issues with matches). If these are resolved, then you can resume offering buybacks on bets again. The organizer of any gambling activity bears no responsibility for making this feature inaccessible at any point in time beyond their control.
  4. The “bet buyback” price for each particular outcome of an event is determined by the organizer and can differ from what you’ll find in your bet voucher. Make sure to review the bet voucher carefully before placing your wager!
  5. The organizer reserves the right to deny a participant’s request to “buy back the bet” in cases such as, but not limited to:  Owing to technical glitches; The buyback price was misstated; Upon realizing the outcome of their wager, the betting game participant decided to take advantage of a “bet buyback” opportunity.
  6. In the instance of cancellation of any “bet buyback” action, calculations will be based on the result from whatever sporting event that had been bet upon by a participant.
  7. The organizer of the betting game reserves the exclusive privilege to alter the conditions or reject any requests for “bet buyback” without explanation.
  8. When a bet buyback is being conducted, vouchers are flagged with an exclusive status and cannot be included in any promotions or other promotional activities. Additionally, these vouchers do not count as a step (bet) at the corresponding virtual bet.
  9. A demonstration of the impressive “bet buyback” feature A gambler wagers 10 EUR on the result of a sports event W1 with an impressive coefficient of 2. As the odds began to shift in favor of the bettor, they had two options: stay patient till the end and collect their full potential winnings (20 EUR) or “cash out” at that moment and receive a guaranteed portion of it instead (12 EUR*). Not only does this feature work one way, but it is also effective in the opposite direction. If you choose to place a wager of 10 EUR on the outcome of sports event W1, your potential return could be up to twice that amount with its coefficient of 2. During a sporting event, if the odds become less favorable for the bettor and they experience an increase in their coefficient from 2 to 3, they may be offered a “bet buyback”. This is where part of the original stake (up to 5 EUR*) will be returned back to them as compensation. As an illustration, the proposed amounts of a “bet buyback” on the website may vary from what is presented here. The value of this special coefficient– which affects your bet’s refund amount –is determined by the occurrences in that particular sporting event during its duration.
  10. With the bet buyback feature, participants can apply it to any amount of wagers without limitation.


  1. In the event of any disputes regarding eligibility for participation, receipt of prizes or these terms and conditions, the Promoter alone shall reserve all rights to make a binding decision that cannot be appealed by either Participant or third-party.
  2. The organizer of this promotion has the sole discretion to resolve any issue related to it and their decisions are absolute. Once results have been published on MostBet’s website, all participants shall abide by them without exception.
  3. Should the Promoter discover any fraudulent activity or money laundering, they reserve the right to terminate a Participant’s eligibility for receiving their Prize. Moreover, by disregarding these rules and regulations, Participants are subject to both disqualification from participation as well as extra measures intended to prevent such action in the future.
  4. This Promotion’s terms and conditions may be revised or augmented during the duration of its occurrence as well as at any other time.

  • Please take a moment to review the comprehensive terms and conditions of our services.
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